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SAPAA has set the following tactical Objectives towards achieving its strategic objectives:

Mobilize the Sudanese American community with special focus on the next generation and build a vibrant membership base.

Function as an effective networking platform, with dedicated support from its members and supporters
Achieve the targeted objectives for fund-raising and membership growth.

SAPAA Strategic Objectives

Benefits of SAPAA

SAPAA is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, non-religious member-driven national organization focused on serving the interests of Sudanese Americans, empowering communities, and developing future leaders.

SAPAA seeks to engage Sudanese Americans and friends in order to build stronger, prosperous communities, and impact public policy on issues of concern to the Sudanese American community in the USA. Through such engagement


SAPAA serve as a catalyst for self-empowerment, civic education and a networking forum encouraging full participation of its members in local and national political processes.

SAPAA has no affiliation with the Governments of Sudan & South Sudan or any other governmental or political party, and aims to integrate wide perspectives around the common interests of Sudanese Americans.

SAPAA believes in the values of American constitutional democracy, and separation of religion and state in conducting its business.

SAPAA seeks to promote education, leadership, civic and political engagement, and provide a national bipartisan forum to engage candidates for local, state, and federal office to advocate for issues that are important to the Sudanese American community.

Engaging Sudanese Americans in order to fully participate in civic and political processes locally and nationally to play their role in society.

Empowering current Sudanese Americans and future generations to become industrious and diligent citizens while reaching out to assist and support the homelands.

Promoting leadership, education, networking, building professionalism, and providing thoughtful and fact based approaches on issues concerning Sudanese Americans.

Promoting self-reliance and pride, linking future generations of Sudanese Americans to their cultural heritage.

SAPAA Short Term Goals

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