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As promised in our last convention of August 2014, SAPAA will adopt a policy of transparency in regards to all financial activities, consequently we are releasing our financial report to the Sudanese American Community.

SAPAA would like to take this opportunity to thank its members and supporters for their generous donations that subsidized most of the financial expenses. SAPAA would like to thank all the speakers who traveled long distances and stayed at the Hilton hotel on their own expenses, beside donating generously to SAPAA.

SAPAA would also like to extend its gratitude to the artists, singers as well as all professional who helped making this function a success and significantly donating to SAPAA.

Finally, SAPAA would like to continue its heritage as a professionally run organization. We agree on many critiques regarding the need to reduce spending in certain areas and direct our limited resources to other essential areas.

In addition SAPAA will continue to work hard to find other resources to support its activities. As a new organization we learn from our mistakes and always look for better ways in improving our wok.

Tax Report
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